Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year's Day, 2008

Family Walk near the Abtei Himmerod
(Himmerod Abbey)
Just inside the gates of the Abbey.

There was no end to the search for hobbits, elves, orks, and other "Lord of The Rings" characters as we walked single file on a path between a forest that sloped upward and the steep drop to the creek below that burbled it's cheery greetings to us.

LeRoy & Eli no doubt discussing some mysterious feature in the creek below.
Valiant Warriors!

This walk was so magical! So romantic! With the mist in the forest, the briskness of the air kissing our faces, the occasional rustle of birds high in the treetops, the melody of the creek's song, and the high adventure of the story the children made up as we walked along... Like I said, perfectly magical!
Crossing a plank bridge someone threw down over the washout.

If I didn't know how incredibly sweet these "fierce" warriors really are...

There's a short path (it took us 2 hours to walk it round-trip) that runs along the creek between the Abbey and this Hotel & Restaurant called Molitor's Muhle. But we found out there's a much longer path that goes through the forest... We'll be back.
Like I said, as we walked along, the children ran, jumped, ducked behind trees, shot their "bows and arrows," rolled into burrows, and made a hundred different sound effects as they acted out their version of "Lord of the Rings." At one point, we came around the bend and found Eli "unconsious" (did I spell that right?) on the ground.
"Quick! We've got to get him outta' here!" yelled a brother.
"Eli! Eli! Oh! C'mon Eli! Get up!" But to no avail. Eli was quite "out." Before they could revive him, one of the boys yelled, "Oh no! There they are! Cover me while I circle back for help!"
"Okay!" There was much shouting and sound effects as weapons were discharged.
I am telling you, the air bristled with suspense!

Then Israel, the Princess Warrior, the Fair Maiden, bent down and kissed her warrior on the cheek. At this, Eli smiled and opened his eyes. Then he jumped up shouting, "Israel! Quick! You can't stay here, Princess! It's not safe! Run! I'll stay here and fight them off while you get away! Now run!"
Where were LeRoy and I you might be wondering? Just strolling along, holding hands, enjoying our children's grand adventure.
At one point I was walking behind Israel who was walking behind Ezekiel. So I got to hear this little conversation:
"Excuse me, Soldier! But I'm the queen and I'm the boss of you!" said Israel.
Ezekiel stopped abruptly, turned around, and leaning in close while looking straight into her eyes, he said, "Yes, you are the queen! But I'm the soldier! And I'm here to protect you!" Then he turned around and they continued to march single file down the path. Israel didn't say anymore about it.
And, me? Oh, I just couldn't stop smiling the whole time. So cute! I could just eat them up!

The adventursome foursome...

They survived the orks and many other fearsome creatures lurking in the forest.

LeRoy and the children in a huddle. The Abbey is in the background.

Ezekiel giggling about something!
Isaiah cracking up, too!

Peregrin Falcon taking flight after we stopped to watch it on our way home.

When we got home we got cozy, warmed up with hot chocolate, and played UNO as a family!

I know I say this all the time, but do you ever feel as though you've just received a hug bigger than life from the Creator Himself?! God is so good! All the time!
New Year's Day was a beautiful beginning to 2008!
I trust your's was every bit as wonderful! All our love to you. Sharon

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