Monday, October 1, 2007


Here's a super quick note just to check in and let you know that we are thinking about you, miss you like crazy, and love you... but that Jesus loves you more...

There is so, so, so much to share with you and I've gone and done it again -- managed to put so much into my brain that I'm slightly overwhelmed about where to begin in relating all our latest stories. I could write chapters! Suffice it to say, (before I run over to the schools to pick up all my children), that every moment here is intense and wunderbar, (the German vocabulary word I learned over the weekend: Wonderful), and delicious!! You know how sometimes you just sit back, take a long, deep breath and wonder how it is that you get to live in such an incredible season of life? Yes, well, that is us in this season.

I really do have to run but I'm dying to tell you about these experiences: European roads and the driving; The children's schools; Our move-in to our house; My emotions... (do you even really want to know about that one?); Our first big family bike ride; the church we've been attending and the wunderbar spiritual family we've connected with here; report on Isaiah's scoliosis diagnosis; what we're learning about the military culture; and so, so much more! Like I said, I hardly know where to begin!

Please know how much it means to us to receive your emails, feedback and updates on your lives! Thank you for sharing your victories, struggles, and everyday moments with us. We love you. We're celebrating with you. And we're on the front lines praying for you in your battles. So keep those emails coming!!

I promise to share a story next time... (any suggestions on which ones to share first?)

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