Friday, August 17, 2007

Greetings! or... Guten Tag! Where to begin? Okay, some of you have asked about our living quarters until we get settled; So I took a picture of our penthouse suite... smile... So this is base living... I am completely spoiled! I get room service everyday, the park is across the street, the bowling alley (for once-in-awhile-on-especially-blustery days), library, grocery store, post office, LeRoy's office (where the children are fed chocolate kisses by the handfuls), golf course (which we haven't exactly visited yet), and the jogging path that follows all along the flight line (this is our favorite!) are all within 1 to 10 minutes walking distance! We live on a compound where life is compact. Truly, I can appreciate the simplicity of this concept and wonder if this is getting me used to the idea of living in a village in the country where life is fully lived by the locals for literally hundreds of generations! (This is truly a foreign paradigm for me as I have an extremely vagabond soul.)

We thoroughly enjoy the sudden cloud bursts and the ensuing warm rain... (Pictured above, because I don't know how to organize this blog with all the words in German... Ah! Ich liebe es! -- "I'm lovin' it!" [I learned that from watching German television and the McDonald's commercial!] All this motivation to hurry up and learn the language!)
Our "penthouse" is much larger than we envisioned. On the second morning of our arrival, we had a family meeting over breakfast. "What has surprised you so far? What has been a pleasant surprise? What has been difficult to adjust to so far?" We all agreed that we were pleasantly surprised by the apartment they set us up in as our paradigm of "apartment" was a 500 square foot space with 2 bedrooms and a tiny bathroom. When we walked in, we were overwhelmed with 4 bedrooms, 2 very large bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, dining room, and a large living room! What to do with all that space! Of course, I have been somewhat distraught over the fact that there is 4 (yes, four! 4!) televisions in this place; One in 3 of the bedrooms and one in the living room! Thankfully, the one in the living room only has German television so that the children don't have a very long attention span with that one. (That's the one that gets my attention the most.)
Everyone has been so accomodating and helpful. We've attended a church just outside of Bitburg for a couple of Sundays and the second week the pastor and his wife loaned us their van to use until we can find one to purchase. Like I said, we feel extremely spoiled and taken care of. God is good -- all the time! I'm constantly aware of His presence and the hugs He gives our family.
Okay, let me see if I can post some of the pictures from our house search... I'll start a new blog...

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  1. We are just about ready to start school and wondered if you had made a decision for your kids. I just got into the whole series of the latest adventures. What great pictures and comments. You are so lucky. Our room looks great, the kids are excited and everyone in APPLE now knows that this is my last year of teaching. Yep, I'm going to retire next June after 33 years of teaching and 20 in APPLE. John is doing the "countdown" so we can be retired together. Take care, keep having great adventures and enjoy this wonderful opportunity. Diane